Dorte Bagge of The Lobby

Escandi Dorte Bagge The Lobby interview

Exploring new frontiers in hospitality design and experience In recent years, The Lobby has been making waves within the hospitality industry. The yearly event, held in Copenhagen in September, is less of a conference and more of a community. By capping attendance at 250, The Lobby cultivates intimate connections and meaningful discussions. Dorte Bagge, the […]

Annica Eklund of Bolon

Escandi Bolon Marie Eklund Annica Eklund interview

Transform your space with floors that tell your story The right flooring can truly be the finishing touch that brings an entire space together, transforming it from ordinary to exceptional. Swedish design house and manufacturer Bolon knows this well, focusing on flooring as a crucial element in crafting a complete and compelling environment. Flooring is […]

Joakim Lassen of Montana

Escandi Montana Joakim Lassen interview

Maximise efficiency with smart storage and organisation solutions In the ever-evolving landscape of professional spaces, the quest for a perfect balance between functionality and style is real and pressing. How does one craft spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also adapt seamlessly to the diverse needs of their users? We had the opportunity […]