Tailoring spaces for every need

At Escandi, we specialise in crafting bespoke spaces that resonate with the objectives and ethos of our clients. Our services encompass a broad spectrum, including corporate interiors and hospitality design.
Each project is a unique journey, tailored to meet the specific demands and aspirations of our clients, ensuring that every space we design is not just functional but also inspirational.

Our design philosophy

Blending aesthetics with functionality

Escandi’s design philosophy hinges on the harmony between aesthetics and functionality. We believe that great design transcends visual appeal, encompassing usability, sustainability, and user comfort. Our approach involves:
Innovative design solutions: employing creative strategies to solve design challenges.
Sustainability: integrating eco-friendly practices and materials for a greener future.
User-centric approach: designing spaces that align with the needs and lifestyles of the end-users.
By marrying innovative design with practical solutions, we create spaces that are not only visually stunning but also sustainable and conducive to the intended use.
Escandi Erik Olsson Malmö Sweden
Escandi Erik Olsson Malmö Sweden

Our method

From analysis to realisation with Escandi

Escandi’s methodical approach to designing corporate and hospitality interiors is defined by three key steps, each integral to delivering bespoke and effective solutions.

Step 01


Escandi’s method begins with a thorough analysis, a vital first step in our approach to designing corporate interiors and hospitality projects. We focus on understanding your business operations in-depth, examining work practices to ensure our designs enhance both functionality and aesthetics. This analysis is crucial for creating environments that reflect your vision and improve the overall experience for employees, guests and customers.
In this phase, we also prioritise your technical infrastructure needs. Our goal is to create spaces that are not only visually stunning but also smart and efficient, embodying the essence of your brand and business ethos. This comprehensive approach sets the foundation for Escandi’s bespoke and effective design solutions.

Step 02


Following the analysis, Escandi’s method progresses to the second step: conceptualisation. In this phase, we bring our ideas to life, presenting tailored interior design concepts that align closely with your business’s unique requirements. Our team meticulously selects colours and materials, ensuring they complement both the aesthetic and functional aspects of your space. This selection process is key to establishing the right tone and atmosphere for your interiors.
We provide bespoke furnishing solutions, thoughtfully curating pieces that enhance the usability and appeal of each area. Central to our conceptualisation is the integration of your brand identity into the design. Through this careful and creative process, Escandi transforms initial ideas into tangible, impactful design concepts.

Step 03

Project management

In the project management step, Escandi meticulously oversees the journey from vision to reality. This involves rigorous budgeting, control and reporting to ensure financial and qualitative alignment with the project goals. Our proactive involvement in construction meetings fosters seamless collaboration, ensuring that the project execution stays true to the envisioned design.
Simultaneously, Escandi handles procurements and coordinates with suppliers, guaranteeing the timely delivery of high-quality materials and furnishings. Through continuous risk analysis and communication, we adeptly navigate any challenges, culminating in the efficient management of relocation and move-in processes. This comprehensive approach guarantees a smooth transition to your newly designed corporate or hospitality space.