Makers of spaces since 2007

Founded in 2007, Escandi has established itself as a leader in the design of innovative and functional spaces. At the heart of Escandi’s success are its owners, founder Emma Johansson and partner since 2018, Emma Strandberg.
Together with their team, they blend creativity with practicality to revolutionise spaces in offices, hospitality and beyond.
Escandi Emma Johansson Emma Strandberg

Our story

An era of redefining interiors

Beyond its foundation in 2007, Escandi has flourished, mastering the art of operation-optimised interior design. Their diverse portfolio showcases a range of projects from dynamic workspaces to elegant hospitality venues across Europe. With a focus on practicality and sustainability, they have completed over 150 projects, delivering environments that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.
Emma Johansson, with her keen eye for detail and a passion for creating inspirational workspaces, has driven Escandi to new heights in corporate interior design.
Emma Strandberg enhances the team with her extensive experience from prestigious five-star hospitality projects. She brings a deep understanding of guest experiences, along with thorough knowledge of various hotel departments and functions.

Our esteemed partnerships

Exceptional brands for distinctive spaces

Our collaborations with esteemed brands from Scandinavia and around the world enable us to offer sustainable, high-quality furniture, sound absorption, and lighting for a variety of spaces. We carefully select our partners from leading manufacturers, ensuring that each product we offer meets our high standards for quality and environmental responsibility.
For each project, we provide a range of styles and functions, tailored to match your specific vision and budget. Central to our approach is a commitment to sustainability, ensuring that our designs not only look good but are also kind to the environment and enhance user comfort.
Clients have the unique option to order these premium pieces directly from us. This direct ordering process ensures a cohesive and high-quality addition to your space. By choosing our handpicked selections, you’re guaranteed a blend of style, functionality and sustainability.