Joakim Lassen of Montana

Maximise efficiency with smart storage and organisation solutions

In the ever-evolving landscape of professional spaces, the quest for a perfect balance between functionality and style is real and pressing. How does one craft spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also adapt seamlessly to the diverse needs of their users?

We had the opportunity to sit down with Joakim Lassen, CEO of Montana, for an enlightening Q&A session. 

Photography by Montana


“The ability to endlessly combine components […] to create personalised storage solutions …”


Montana’s motto is ‘making room for personality’. How does Montana’s products resolve the common challenge of clutter in professional environments?


Our core solution is our storage system that comprises 36 modules, 4 depths and 43 colours, and is designed to be highly customisable. The ability to endlessly combine components like doors, shelves and mirrors enables businesses to create personalised storage solutions that fit their spatial requirements.

“Using yellow can boost productivity in an office …”


What is the role of your extensive colour palette in enhancing mood and productivity in professional settings?


Colour is a powerful tool in setting the ambience of a space and can significantly influence mood and well-being in a professional environment.

For instance, using yellow can boost productivity in an office, while blue can create a calming atmosphere in a high-stress environment. Our range of colours allows businesses to tailor their spaces not only for functional purposes but also to create a desired psychological impact, enhancing the experience of both employees and clients.

“We advise professional clients to start by defining their exact needs …”


What guidance does Montana offer to someone facing the challenge of selecting the right storage solutions from a wide range of options?


We understand that the variety of choices can be overwhelming. We advise professional clients to start by defining their exact needs and specifications, whether they require room dividers, personal storage, flexible desks or meeting tables.

Our HiLow height-adjustable work desks, available in various sizes and finishes, and our smart Montana Lockers, which maximise locker space and functionality, are particularly popular in office environments.

“Panton One […] is a classic chair ideal for adding a touch of timeless design …”


Can you introduce us to a couple of Montana’s products that you find particularly useful in professional settings?


‘Panton One’, first designed in 1955 and relaunched in 2019, is a classic chair ideal for adding a touch of timeless design to any professional setting.

The ‘Montana Free’, a free-standing shelving system, combines sturdiness with a visually light design, making it perfect for open-plan offices. Its optional textile panels offer additional flexibility, allowing the look and function of the space to be easily modified.

“We prioritise long-lasting, close-knit partnerships …”


In what ways do Montana’s family business values contribute to providing quality and sustainable solutions for professional environments?


Being a family business deeply influences our approach. We prioritise long-lasting, close-knit partnerships and collaborations, focusing on ethical and environmental impacts. This ethos ensures that we provide high-quality, sustainable solutions to our professional clients, coupled with a commitment to exceptional service and a focus on community contribution, both locally and globally.

“[Escandi’s] expertise greatly enhances the way our products are utilised and perceived in these settings.”


How does the collaboration with Escandi exemplify Montana’s approach to working with professional clients?


Our collaboration with Escandi is a testament to our commitment to evolving and staying in touch with our clients’ needs. Escandi’s creative and quality-conscious approach in working with our products helps us continually develop solutions that are not only innovative but also precisely aligned with the evolving demands of professional environments. Their expertise greatly enhances the way our products are utilised and perceived in these settings.

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