6 ways to manage sunlight and reduce glare at work

Escandi Fredericia

Create a glare-free workspace A recent study found that 47% of office workers experience discomfort due to glare, which significantly affects their performance. In the modern workplace, managing sunlight and reducing glare is essential for maintaining a comfortable and productive environment. Excessive sunlight and glare can cause eye strain, headaches and decreased efficiency. In our […]

Casa Escandi in Copenhagen, Denmark

Casa Escandi Copenhagen, Denmark Reframing hospitality Casa Escandi opens its doors to a month-long case study reframing hospitality with a guest-centric approach to modern travel needs. From 3 June to 10 July in the heart of Copenhagen, by interior design studio Escandi, explores the potential of key hotel areas: the reception, lobby, workspace, library, bistro […]

Dorte Bagge of The Lobby

Escandi Dorte Bagge The Lobby interview

Exploring new frontiers in hospitality design and experience In recent years, The Lobby has been making waves within the hospitality industry. The yearly event, held in Copenhagen in September, is less of a conference and more of a community. By capping attendance at 250, The Lobby cultivates intimate connections and meaningful discussions. Dorte Bagge, the […]

Elevate workplace satisfaction with 3 cost-effective changes

Escandi Vitra

Key office considerations for employee happiness on a budget In today’s business landscape, small businesses strive to balance employee satisfaction with cost efficiency. Recent studies underline the pivotal role of the work environment in productivity and happiness. With a staggering 59% of employees feeling disengaged, resulting in a global productivity loss of €6 trillion, creating […]

‘Cesta’ by Miguel Milá for Santa & Cole

Escandi Santa Cole Cesta Miguel Milá

The story of the iconic ‘Cesta’ lamp Welcome to the timeless world of the ‘Cesta’ lamp, an iconic creation by Spanish designer Miguel Milá. Born from a serendipitous discovery this mid-century masterpiece merges traditional craftsmanship with a modern aesthetic. Explore the story behind its elegant design and the visionary process that transformed a simple glass […]

Our pick of Scandinavian outdoor furniture for hotels, offices and beyond

5 pieces of Scandinavian outdoor furniture that are both elegant and comfy Stepping outside into a beautifully furnished area can transform any outdoor space, be it in offices, hotels or restaurants. In this article, we delve into our top picks for outdoor furniture, combining robust construction with elegant design to enhance any exterior setting. We […]

15 ideas to enhance the reception experience in offices and hotels

Hands-on upgrades for a better first impression The reception is your brand’s opening chapter, setting the stage for those all-important first impressions. It’s not just about looking good; it’s where comfort meets style, promising top-notch service with a silent nod. More than just a pretty space, a smart reception reflects your ethos and sparks lively […]

6 steps towards a greener, more sustainable office (+checklist)

Escandi Bolon

A step-by-step guide to sustainable office design Think sustainable office design, and it’s not just about swapping out the old for the eco-friendly new – it’s about shaping workspaces that breathe life into our daily grind. Far from a mere trend, it’s the art of blending eco-conscious decisions into the fabric of our offices, making […]

Annica Eklund of Bolon

Escandi Bolon Marie Eklund Annica Eklund interview

Transform your space with floors that tell your story The right flooring can truly be the finishing touch that brings an entire space together, transforming it from ordinary to exceptional. Swedish design house and manufacturer Bolon knows this well, focusing on flooring as a crucial element in crafting a complete and compelling environment. Flooring is […]

Our pick of chic lounge chairs for hotels, offices and beyond

Escandi Fredericia Swoon Lounge Space Copenhagen

5 lounge chairs where comfort and character is king Nothing beats sliding down into a comfy lounge chair, whether in hotels, restaurants, offices or other public spaces. We’ve explored our personal favourites, finding a mix of Scandinavian design classics and playful pieces that add unique flair to any setting. Our preference is for well-built furniture […]