Casa Escandi in Copenhagen, Denmark

Casa Escandi Copenhagen, Denmark Reframing hospitality Casa Escandi opens its doors to a month-long case study reframing hospitality with a guest-centric approach to modern travel needs. From 3 June to 10 July in the heart of Copenhagen, by interior design studio Escandi, explores the potential of key hotel areas: the reception, lobby, workspace, library, bistro […]

Advisense in Stockholm, Sweden

Escandi FCG Stockholm Sweden

AdvisenseStockholm, Sweden The first step in a global redesign programme Following a significant merger, renowned consultancy firm Advisense embarked on an ambitious journey to redefine its brand identity across all its global offices. Entrusting us with this transformative venture, we set out to craft a fresh, cohesive look for the interiors, not just for their […]

Web Manuals in Malmö, Sweden

Escandi Web Manuals Malmö Sweden

Web ManualsMalmö, Sweden Comfort, style and vibrant colours Discover the new chapter for Web Manuals, a leading player in the multinational aviation IT management sector, as they unveil their headquarters in the vibrant city of Malmö, Sweden. Located in a modern, centrally situated building, this new office is designed to be both stimulating and adaptable, […]

Kronprinsen in Malmö, Sweden

Escandi Kronprinsen Malmö Sweden

KronprinsenMalmö, Sweden Reinventing a hospitality icon In a transformative project, a shopping centre, set within one of the city’s most iconic buildings, embarked on a journey to reinvent itself. Our team was brought on board to spearhead the interior design of a new food court and restaurants on the ground floor. Our role quickly expanded, […]

Consultancy firm in Malmö, Sweden

Consultancy firmMalmö, Sweden Blending visions when bringing two businesses together In an exciting fusion of design and functionality, we transformed two unique company cultures into a singular, vibrant workspace. Our project in Malmö showcases our expertise in merging diverse working styles and aesthetics, creating an inviting and innovative environment for a global consulting firm’s new […]

Bredablick in Malmö, Sweden

BredablickMalmö, Sweden Colour, comfort and dynamics In Malmö, a youthful property management firm reimagines an old industrial space as its vibrant new headquarters. Infusing it with bright brand colours and organic shapes, the design creates a flexible, airy environment, adeptly balancing acoustics and aesthetics to reflect the company’s dynamic spirit. Share The brief Bredablick is […]

Erik Olsson in Malmö, Sweden

Escandi Erik Olsson Malmö Sweden

Erik OlssonMalmö, Sweden Timeless elegance and comfort In the heart of Malmö, a leading real estate firm transforms a challenging urban space into a modern yet timeless office. This new hub, designed for pivotal financial decisions, combines serene, homely elements with professional flair, masterfully using light and layout to create an inviting atmosphere. Share The […]

Forum Fastighetsekonomi in Malmö, Sweden

Escandi Forum Fastighetsekonomi Malmö Sweden

Forum FastighetsekonomiMalmö, Sweden Charming compact In Malmö, a property development firm redefines their workspace in a compact, turn-of-the-century building. Tasked with balancing modern needs and historical charm, the new office overcomes acoustic challenges and abundant sunlight, creating an innovative, brand-aligned space that’s both functional and visually striking. Share The brief Forum Fastighetsekonomi is a property […]

Falvir in Malmö, Sweden

FalvirMalmö, Sweden Period office with a modern twist In the historic heart of Malmö, a venture capital firm transforms a turn-of-the-century apartment into a workspace that artfully balances professionalism with warmth. Overcoming acoustic challenges with textiles, this 150-square-metre space blends functionality with elegance, creating a dynamic area that mirrors the company’s ethos. Share The brief […]

Knapp in Malmö, Sweden

Escandi Knapp Malmö Sweden

KnappMalmö, Sweden Austrian precision meets Scandi warmth In Malmö’s Hyllie district, Knapp’s latest office melds Austrian elegance with Scandinavian warmth. This innovative space, where function meets design, showcases a harmonious blend of two cultures, creating a welcoming, dynamic environment that’s both professional and inviting. Share The brief When industrial company Knapp moved into new premises […]