Malmö, Sweden

Austrian precision meets Scandi warmth

In Malmö’s Hyllie district, Knapp’s latest office melds Austrian elegance with Scandinavian warmth. This innovative space, where function meets design, showcases a harmonious blend of two cultures, creating a welcoming, dynamic environment that’s both professional and inviting.


Escandi Knapp Malmö Sweden
Escandi Knapp Malmö Sweden

The brief

When industrial company Knapp moved into new premises in the well-known The Edge property in the Hyllie district of Malmö, we were tasked with creating a professional and welcoming interior in accordance with the brand’s global profile and, in the same spirit, to create public meeting spaces, conversation rooms and individual workplaces.

The challenge

We had instructions to adhere to a style and a brand colour scheme in accordance with the company’s Austrian profile and headquarters, while at the same time creating a warm and welcoming feeling in Scandinavian style.
Escandi Knapp Malmö Sweden
Escandi Knapp Malmö Sweden

The results

With Knapp’s brand profile and its colour scheme as a base, we introduced a lot of wood and other natural materials to the rather austere architecture to achieve a warmer feeling in the interior. We furnished and coloured the room in a way that picks out and enhances the room’s architectural elements.

A wooden panelled wall, together with softly shaped chairs, creates a pleasant feeling in the dining room and kitchenette. Against the wall is a long bistro sofa from Muuto. Since the large open area would also be used as a flexible workspace and for larger internal meetings, there was a desire to mount a large TV, which was placed on the wood-panelled wall. The furniture was complemented with project tables of different heights to accommodate different types of work and to give the room a visual dynamism. The textile floors from Dahl agenturer and curtains from Astrid contribute positively to the room’s sound comfort.

To further strengthen the feeling of warmth in the public spaces, we furnished them with leather lounge chairs, acoustic sofas, pouffes and conference chairs from Muuto. The conference table, also in wood, comes from Lammhults. The desks from SA-furniture are complemented by storage from Montana and work chairs from Vitra.

Escandi Knapp Malmö Sweden
Escandi Knapp Malmö Sweden

– Achieve the look

‘Fiber’ lounge chair by Iskos-Berlin for Muuto

‘Five’ pouf by Anderssen & Voll for Muuto

‘Around’ coffee table by Thomas Bentzen for Muuto

‘Gräshoppa’ floor lamp by Greta M. Grossman for Gubi

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