‘Cesta’ by Miguel Milá for Santa & Cole

The story of the iconic ‘Cesta’ lamp

Welcome to the timeless world of the ‘Cesta’ lamp, an iconic creation by Spanish designer Miguel Milá. Born from a serendipitous discovery this mid-century masterpiece merges traditional craftsmanship with a modern aesthetic.

Explore the story behind its elegant design and the visionary process that transformed a simple glass globe into a beacon of style and warmth.

Photography by Santa & Cole


Escandi Santa Cole Cesta Miguel Milá
Escandi Santa Cole Cesta Miguel Milá
Escandi Santa Cole Miguel Milá


In the world of mid-century design, Miguel Milá’s Cesta lamp stands out as a key piece that perfectly captures the style and spirit of the era. Made from strong, warm cherry wood, the lamp’s frame is cleverly shaped like an open basket, holding a perfectly blown opal glass globe. This globe, the focal point of the design, emits a soft, even glow that gently transforms the spaces it lights up.

More than just visually striking, the Cesta excels in functional design, merging shape with practicality. Its flexible structure ensures it can easily fit into various settings, from a modern office to a cosy reading nook. This lamp is not just a lighting element but a declaration of enduring design, continuing to embody Milá’s dedication to durability and simplicity. Reflecting on the Cesta, it represents more than just light; it is a symbol of the lasting impact of thoughtful, quality design.

Escandi Santa Cole Cesta Miguel Milá


Milá’s Cesta lamp transcends mere functionality in its symphony of natural materials and artisanal craftsmanship, which we feel can be masterfully integrated into contemporary spaces. Designed to marry utility with aesthetics, the lamp not only illuminates but enhances environments through its elegant form, texture and serene diffusion of light.

Opting for durable materials that gracefully age, Milá not only addresses aesthetic and functional needs but also advocates for responsible, environmentally conscious design practices. In it, Milá encapsulates the essence of design’s true role: to beautify and enhance our daily living. Each time we see the Cesta, it is a reminder of the power of design to elevate a space.

Escandi Santa Cole Miguel Milá
Escandi Santa Cole Cesta Miguel Milá


Milá, a luminary in Spanish industrial design, emerged from a Catalan lineage steeped in intellectualism and artistry. Launching his career in the 1950s, Milá swiftly became a trailblazer, eschewing conventional routes to forge a distinctive design language that marries traditional craftsmanship with innovative materials and techniques. This synthesis of old and new is brilliantly manifested in creations like the Cesta lamp, where profound simplicity and functionality converge into timeless elegance.

“A lamp spends more time off than on, so you have to take great care to ensure that its shape contributes to the space in the most exciting way possible.”

Educated in architecture and design in Barcelona, Milá established his own studio in the early 1960s. His design philosophy prioritises the human experience, aiming to enhance the usability and comfort of living spaces. Over the years, his work has earned him multiple accolades, including the prestigious Compasso d’Oro. His legacy has profoundly shaped the landscape of modern design, reminding us of the enduring impact of thoughtful, user-centred design.


The 1960s saw the birth of the Cesta lamp. It was a time that reshaped the landscape of design with its bold move towards modernism. It was also a time when industrial design became integral to everyday life, significantly altering interactions with objects in domestic and public spaces.

In this fertile creative era, 1962 to be precise, Milá unveiled the Cesta lamp amidst Spain’s cultural and economic awakening. This period saw Spain increasingly integrating with the global market which fostered an environment ripe for innovative design solutions. The post-war economic boom stimulated a demand for modern, mass-producible furnishings that catered to the burgeoning middle class.

Milá’s Cesta lamp responded adeptly to these trends in that it met aesthetic and functional needs as well as symbolising a harmonious blend of the old and the new. This strategic alignment with the zeitgeist of the 1960s established the Cesta lamp as a design icon, embodying the decade’s spirit and Milá’s visionary approach.

Escandi Santa Cole Cesta Miguel Milá
Escandi Santa Cole Cesta Miguel Milá


The creation of Milá’s Cesta lamp perfectly illustrates his ability to turn serendipitous finds into iconic design pieces. It began with the discovery of an abandoned opal glass globe in a factory, inspiring Milá to craft a supporting structure that would enhance its aesthetic value. This led to the distinctive cherry wood frame, chosen for its durability and warmth. Shaped to resemble a traditional lantern or basket, this design not only secured the globe but allowed for a soft, ambient light diffusion.

The practical yet aesthetically pleasing frame provided stability and ease of transport, increasing the lamp’s versatility across different settings. Milá’s foresight in the lamp’s design addressed and anticipated the needs of modern interiors, making it suitable for both tabletops and floors. This holistic approach to form and function has established the Cesta as a beloved design icon. The Cesta lamp has evolved with the times and grown into a whole family of products, now ranging from ceiling lamps, lamps for outdoor use, new materials and USB-charging possibilities, remaining true to a commitment to practicality and respect for traditional craftsmanship, but a timeless piece that remains celebrated.

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