Malmö, Sweden

Contemporary office balances professionalism and comfort

Fanuc’s new Scandinavian office uniquely blends industrial functionality with inviting warmth. Set in a warehouse, the space echoes the brand’s global presence with a distinct Scandinavian touch. Elegant, yet purposeful, the design features bespoke elements, vibrant colours, and organic materials, creating a harmonious and inviting workplace.


Escandi Fanuc Malmö Sweden
Escandi Fanuc Malmö Sweden

The brief

A global consulting company contacted us to create a completely new work environment. The company had just bought up two different companies whose operations and employees needed a new shared workplace, centrally located in Malmö.

The challenge

The exciting challenge for us was to bring the two separate businesses together in a common environment. The working methods, brands and people of two different businesses needed to be accommodated in a single workspace. Full consideration of the day-to-day operations of both businesses needed to be taken into account in order to reach a functional solution.

Escandi Fanuc Malmö Sweden
Escandi Fanuc Malmö Sweden

The results

The large and modern room is bathed in light from the large windows, making the room immediately welcoming. To enable softening of the light, we installed sheer curtains from Astrid. The floors were laid with, carpeting from Bolon and Dahl agencies.

We furnished the large, open spaces and the common kitchen with acoustic sofas and lounge sofas from Muuto and Gubi, who also supplied table lamps. We met the need to accommodate different work methods and work areas and created a dynamic feeling in the space by using a range of furniture with different seat heights and configurations. We also installed a Dancing Wall from Vitra, which functions as a movable whiteboard and as a room divider.

We used project tables and chairs from Vitra, and we furnished the meeting and conference rooms with furniture from Fritz Hansen – all coloured and designed to create different moods depending on work tasks and preferences. We furnished the workplaces with desks from SA furniture, storage from Montana and lamps from Wästberg.

Escandi Fanuc Malmö Sweden

– Achieve the look

Escandi Gubi Semi lamp

‘Semi’ pendant lamp by Bonderup & Thorup for Gubi

Escandi Fritz Hansen Planner table

‘Planner’ coffee table by Paul McCobb for Fritz Hansen

‘Spine’ lounge chair by Space Copenhagen for Fredericia

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