6 ways to manage sunlight and reduce glare at work

Escandi Fredericia

Create a glare-free workspace A recent study found that 47% of office workers experience discomfort due to glare, which significantly affects their performance. In the modern workplace, managing sunlight and reducing glare is essential for maintaining a comfortable and productive environment. Excessive sunlight and glare can cause eye strain, headaches and decreased efficiency. In our […]

Elevate workplace satisfaction with 3 cost-effective changes

Escandi Vitra

Key office considerations for employee happiness on a budget In today’s business landscape, small businesses strive to balance employee satisfaction with cost efficiency. Recent studies underline the pivotal role of the work environment in productivity and happiness. With a staggering 59% of employees feeling disengaged, resulting in a global productivity loss of €6 trillion, creating […]

6 steps towards a greener, more sustainable office (+checklist)

Escandi Bolon

A step-by-step guide to sustainable office design Think sustainable office design, and it’s not just about swapping out the old for the eco-friendly new – it’s about shaping workspaces that breathe life into our daily grind. Far from a mere trend, it’s the art of blending eco-conscious decisions into the fabric of our offices, making […]

Use the power of productive colours in office design (+checklist)

Escandi Bolon

5 steps to leverage colour psychology (and what colours to use) Explore the power of colour psychology in interior design, where strategic hues can reshape spaces, shift moods and boost productivity. Beyond aesthetics, colours act as subtle motivators and mood enhancers in offices and hospitality alike, influencing emotions and well-being. From serene blues to energising […]

8 steps to transform your workplace with office lighting (+ checklist)

Escandi office lighting design

8 steps towards a brilliant office lighting design makeover Office lighting design goes beyond merely stopping employees from squinting at their screens; it plays a crucial role in transforming a workspace into a hub of creativity and efficiency. By mastering the blend of ambient, task and accent lighting, you can illuminate your office effectively, catering […]

6 key strategies for an effective office redesign (+ checklist)

How an office redesign can boost employee engagement In the hustle and bustle of today’s work life, the design of our office space, especially when considering an office redesign, is more than just a backdrop – it’s key to keeping us engaged and productive. That’s why at Escandi, we’re big on flexible design. We know […]