Top 5 candle holders for professional spaces

The perfect glow

We’ve often wondered, why are candles rarely seen in public spaces? It’s such a missed opportunity. There’s something truly special about the soft glow of candles, even the electric ones, that we’ve come to love, particularly during those long, dark winter months. They have a way of transforming a room – be it for meetings or for those spur-of-the-moment creative brainstorming sessions.
Here are some of our favourites.




01 ‘Arco’ candle holder by Dusty Deco

For us, the Arco candle holder bridges traditional architecture and contemporary design. Its distinct shape, reminiscent of historical arches, adds a touch of solidity and classical beauty to where it is placed. We are impressed by how the design and its timeless marble exudes sophistication and serves as a functional candle holder even as a piece of art.

02. ‘Sylvestrina’ lamp by Jordi Garcés and Enric Sòria for Santa & Cole

The Sylvestrina lamp by Santa & Cole, designed by Jordi Garcés and Enric Sòria, is a modern take on a traditional candle holder. We are particularly fond of how this wireless lamp exudes the warmth and subtlety of an oil lamp and how it creates a welcoming atmosphere.


03. ‘Holocene No 5’ candle holder by David Chipperfield for Wästberg

Designed by David Chipperfield, this candle holder combines a sconce with a mirror to amplify light in a beautiful manner. It is fantastic as a tabletop candle but perhaps even more striking when mounted on the wall. We love the reflection of the candle in the mirror and the soft glow from this modern interpretation of a Scandinavian classic.



04. ‘Holocene No 1’ oil lamp by Ilse Crawford for Wästberg

The Holocene No. 1 candle by Ilse Crawford for Wästberg is a testament to the art of minimalist design, emphasising the simplicity and beauty of a single flame. We love how this piece creates the illusion of the flame floating, enhancing its visual appeal and adding elegance and warmth to a space.

05. ‘Candleholder’ by Jamie Hayon for Fritz Hansen

At our office, we’re particularly drawn to the blend of playful design and elegant craftsmanship of this candle holder, designed by Jamie Hayon for Fritz Hansen. Its ability to transform a space into a more inviting and graceful environment is something we truly appreciate, along with its aesthetics.

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