Our pick of Scandinavian outdoor furniture for hotels, offices and beyond

5 pieces of Scandinavian outdoor furniture that are both elegant and comfy

Stepping outside into a beautifully furnished area can transform any outdoor space, be it in offices, hotels or restaurants. In this article, we delve into our top picks for outdoor furniture, combining robust construction with elegant design to enhance any exterior setting. We have selected pieces that prioritise and combine durability and style, featuring furniture that withstands the elements while adding sophistication and elegance.
Here are some of our favourites.

Photography by Vipp, Fritz Hansen, Carl Hansen & Søn, Gubi and Swedese


Escandi Fritz Hansen



01. ‘AH 501’ chair by Alfred Homann for Carl Hansen & Søn

This design exemplifies elegance through simplicity and functional design. The AH 501 chair’s streamlined form and precise attention to detail highlight the natural beauty of its materials. We feel that it works perfectly for both private residences and professional settings, where it balances comfort with an aesthetic that respects the legacy of Danish design. Its refined appearance makes it a versatile choice for a range of interior styles, supporting everyday use with a touch of sophistication.

02. ‘Open Air’ sofa by Vipp

The Open Air Sofa by Vipp is designed with the outdoors in mind and embodies Vipp’s commitment to functional and aesthetically pleasing design. The sturdy construction of teak and aluminum is made to withstand exposure to the elements. The soft, comfortable cushions that are also weather-resistant  just adds to the ‘loungeability’ and makes us want to take have a long snooze after lunch. Clean lines and a modern silhouette ensures a refined style.


Escandi Gubi

03. ‘Pacha Lounge Chair’ by Pierre Paulin for Gubi

This bouyant design by Pierre Paulin redefines comfort in outdoor furniture with its plush, curvaceous form that invites users to sink in and relax. Known for its innovative design that forsakes the straight lines and angles of conventional furniture, it offers a cloud-like aesthetic that we adore. This chair not only supports a variety of relaxed postures but also adds a touch of whimsical sophistication.



Escandi Fritz Hansen

04. ‘Desirée’ chair by Yngve Ekström for Swedese

A mid-century modern design from Swedese that encapsulates the epitome of Scandinavian design with its minimalistic but graceful silhouette. It works in both public and private spaces as well as both indoors and outdoors. The sleek lines and laid-back form makes it ideal for a tranquil reading nook or informal meeting areas. We feel that Its timeless design harmonises well with different décor styles, making it a versatile and stylish choice.

05. ‘Tradition’ lounge chair by Povl B. Eskildsen for Fritz Hansen

This piece showcases a minimalist Scandinavian design ethos, focusing on comfort and quality. Crafted from sustainable materials, the chair’s sleek, curved wooden frame supports a generously cushioned seat with fabric that can take exposure to the elements. We find that the design reflects functionality and aesthetic simplicity typical to the designer, as well as sending a message of understated luxury.

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