Our pick of chic lounge chairs for hotels, offices and beyond

5 lounge chairs where comfort and character is king

Nothing beats sliding down into a comfy lounge chair, whether in hotels, restaurants, offices or other public spaces. We’ve explored our personal favourites, finding a mix of Scandinavian design classics and playful pieces that add unique flair to any setting. Our preference is for well-built furniture from high-quality materials, ensuring longevity across various environments.
Here are some of our favourites.

Photography by Fredericia, Carl Hansen & Søn, Gubi, Massproductions and Vitra


Escandi Carl Hansen & Søn OW124 Beak Chair Ole Wanscher


Escandi Fredericia Swoon Lounge Space Copenhagen


Escandi Carl Hansen & Søn OW124 Beak Chair Ole Wanscher

01. ‘Swoon Lounge’ chair by Space Copenhagen for Fredericia

The Swoon lounge chair, with its sculpted shape and a casual, laid-back expression, is ideal for lobbies, receptions and breakout areas where versatile use is paramount. We adore how its organic curves accommodate a variety of seating postures, making it incredibly adaptable to individual comfort. Its inviting appearance encourages relaxation and conversation, further enhancing its suitability for communal spaces.

02. ‘OW124 Beak Chair’ by Ole Wanscher for Carl Hansen & Søn

This Danish design classic, originally introduced by Ole Wanscher in 1951, continues to hold significant relevance in the contemporary design world. The chair not only exemplifies elegance but also epitomises the essence of pared-back Scandinavian design. The design ensures that the chair is not just aesthetically pleasing but also offers a superbly comfortable seating.


Escandi Gubi Croissant Lounge Chair Illum Wikkelsø

03. ‘Croissant Lounge Chair’ by Illum Wikkelsø for Gubi

Who can resist a fresh croissant? We certainly can’t! This expressive and supremely comfortable lounge chair from Gubi, available in both fabric and leather, is meticulously hand-stitched to create its playful shape, which clearly bears a resemblance to a French pastry. Its unique design not only adds a touch of whimsy to any room but also offers exceptional comfort, inviting you to relax in style.


Escandi Massproductions Jump Easy Chair Chris Martin


Escandi Lounge Chair & Ottoman Charles & Ray Eames Vitra

04. ‘Jump Easy Chair’ by Chris Martin for Massproductions

This lounge chair from Massproductions appears to float freely within a metal cage, exuding a youthful lightness. One of our favourite features of this chair is the solid yet soft wooden armrests, which enhance its tactility and add a warm, natural element to its design. Moreover, the practicality of its washable upholstery cannot be overstated, making it not only a stylish but also a sensible choice for communal or public spaces.

05. ‘Lounge Chair & Ottoman’ by Charles & Ray Eames for Vitra

The Lounge Chair and matching ottoman, created by Charles and Ray Eames in the 1950’s, aim to combine elegant appearance with ultimate comfort. Beyond its intrinsic beauty as an object, it is clear that this aim has been achieved, given that the original shape is still going strong. It has been produced by Vitra using virtually the same methods over the years but has now been updated and is offered in fabric upholstery in addition to the classic leather.

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