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Besins Healthcare


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The Assignment
We were involved early on in the design of pharmaceutical company Besins Healthcare’s new Scandinavian headquarters, prior to their move to a new building in the Malmö district of Hyllie. Besins wanted to work closely with us on the design of the new office but let us run and manage the project with one top priority: that all design solutions must be of high quality and reflect the company’s brand.

The Challenge
The biggest challenge was that the sharp angles of the modern, triangular architecture could easily contribute to a relatively hard and cold impression without careful consideration during the design process. It spurred us to create a space that is perceived as the exact opposite and in harmony with what Besins Healthcare stands for.

The Result
Besins Healthcare’s new office style is permeated with their brand, which is what they want to highlight. We have created an environment with an organic feel, employing a light airy colour scheme in combination with plenty of greenery. The cool blue colours are complemented by textiles from Astrid and Kvadrat in pared-back sand and natural hues with elements of grey and matching furniture from Lammhults.