Youthful go-getter attitude in a repurposed industrial building




Project management  |  Architecture  |  Interior design  |  Furniture  |  Logistics  |  Coordination

The Assignment
Bredablick is one of Malmö’s youngest, most dynamic and fastest-growing property managers. We were assigned to redesign an old industrial space the company intended to move into. We were involved in the process at an early stage, meaning we could create a new architecture for the space, select materials and colours, and design a new kitchen, conference rooms and rooms for individual meetings.

The Challenge
The cavernous ex-industrial space was to be transformed into a comfortable and flexible multi-use space that aligned with the brand’s youthful enthusiasm. Acoustics had to be dealt with despite a request to keep the sense of airy space. The company also had an explicit requirement that all public spaces were to be shaped and furnished for maximum flexibility.

The Result
Escandi employed its bright yellow and black brand colours as a base. The bright hues are combined with a green and a light powdery pink to soften the impression of the huge space. We have selected soft furniture in organic shapes and carpets from Bolon have been installed in all public spaces. The kitchen and dining areas are furnished with tables, sofas, chairs and light fixtures from Muuto. The dining area can easily be converted into a roomy gathering hall. We have also added a large made-to-measure conference table of our own design, and all drapes and curtains are from Kvadrat.

”We are extremely happy with the result from the work that escandi has done for us and the way it was all executed and will continue working with them in the future.”

Jimmy Törnqvist, Bredablick